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Dance: The key to improved academic performance

Dance classes have been a staple of childhood activities for decades, and for good reason. Beyond the fun and social benefits, participating in dance classes has been shown to help kids perform better in school. Here are a few ways dance classes can contribute to academic success:

Increased focus and concentration: Dance classes require kids to pay attention and focus on the task at hand. This skill transfers over to the classroom, where students are better able to concentrate in class and stay on task.

  1. Improved memory: Dance classes also help to improve memory as students must remember choreography, dance steps, and music. This improved memory can lead to better retention of academic material and better test scores.

  2. Enhanced coordination and balance: Dance classes help to develop coordination and balance, skills that can lead to better posture and attention in the classroom.

  3. Boosted confidence: Dance classes provide kids with a positive and supportive environment where they can learn new skills, build confidence, and express themselves creatively. This newfound confidence can translate into better self-esteem, which can lead to improved academic performance.

  4. Better time management: Dance classes require kids to show up on time and be responsible for their own learning. This sense of responsibility can help kids learn time management skills that they can apply in their school work and beyond.

In conclusion, dance classes can offer a range of benefits to kids beyond just learning a new skill. By improving focus, memory, coordination, confidence, and time management, kids who participate in dance classes are likely to see an improvement in their academic performance. Encouraging your child to enroll in a dance class may be a simple yet effective way to help them excel in school and beyond.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy located in St Helens Park and Ambarvale in Campbelltown, South-Western Sydney offers a nurturing and encouraging environment for children to develop their skills and thrive throughout their school life and beyond.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy enriches children's lives through dance, drama, performing arts, creativity, imagination and community. We offer an unforgettable experience for you and your children. Our classes are perfect for boys and girls from 2.5 years old. They offer a variety of dance classes as well as drama and musical theatre. Improving their social skills, coordination, gross and fine motor skills and having FUN! Enriching them with creativity and imagination. It is the perfect activity to improve your child's academic performance.

We delight in watching children increase in confidence and independence to thrive at school and beyond. In fact we have had so many parents of shy children join us just for that reason and we love to hear the stories from their families on how the benefits of dance have helped them at school and with friendships, trying new things their parents thought they never would.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy offers a free introductory week so you can bring your child and experience the supportive, caring and patient dance classes and see the enrichment it provides your child while they learn, meet friends and have fun. Contact us to find the perfect class for your child.

Copyright Jeanette Briggs

31st January 2023


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