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Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy offers dance classes for children of all ages and abilities in a range of styles.  We are located in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.

We are located at St Helens Park during the week and Ambarvale Public School on Saturdays. 



Kids dance classes is our specialty offering dance lessons for Campbelltown children from 2 years old.  Opened by principal Jeanette Briggs MBAL, Director Ballet Australasia Limited (BAL), Bachelor Business, Diploma Dance Teaching and Management in 2005.  

At  Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy, Campbelltown, you will love that we provide quality, professional tuition in a friendly & supportive environment. 

Your child will be nurtured and encouraged, to develop their confidence and the love of dance. You will love the family feel of our dance school, where we support each other and make each and every dancer and their family feel welcome.  You will love being part of our family feeling community. 

You will be happy to know that we provide age appropriate choreography, costuming and music choice as we know this is important to you.  

Your child will receive quality tuition, whatever their ability by our passionate, patient and dedicated staff.   

We love nothing more than to hear from the students and parents how dance has improved their childs confidence and benefited others areas of their life.  Such as the ability to deliver a speech at school or how they are more confident in themselves and having confidence to try new things.  

If you have a shy child we are happy to help.  We see so many students who have come out of their shell and feel happier after learning here, or how they are able to speak to people more confidently or are how they are more confident to participate in activities that they have previously been too shy to attempt.  It is so rewarding to watch them grow.   


You will love how Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy has a positive effect on your child and the rest of your family.  Book your free trial class, today

Typically dance studios have you at the studio 4-6 times per week. Because we value family time and education we schedule our classes so you are here less without compromising the experience and quality of training.  

Because children are on screens so much these days, we offer quality social and educational time for them so they spend time with friends and build social skills and skills for life while being active and healthy.


You will find our dance school a safe and friendly environment where family and education comes first. You will love seeing your child bounce out of class with a huge smile as they have made new friends and learnt new skills, increasing their confidence and dance ability.  

Our dance studio is located at St. Helens Park Community Hall, Kellerman Drive, St Helens Park, NSW, Australia.  Between St. Helens Park Public School and the baseball fields.  

Contact  us now to see how we can help you.

In everything we do we are guided by our values

  1. Fun

  2. Inclusive

  3. Family & Community

  4. Age Appropriate

  5. Healthy minds and bodies

If these values resonate with your family values, contact us NOW to Book your obligation free

7-Day unlimited class pass.


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