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Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy enriches the lives of clients at various disability services throughout Sydney to people with diverse abilities.  It is a fun and healthy activity that clients and staff find very rewarding.  Classes cater for people who are moderate to high functioning with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities.  

Our program lifts spirits and puts a smile on faces.  Jeanette has worked with Disability Centre managers and staff to incorporate a program that suits your centre and its clients.  We offer the program in your disability centre.  Contact us now to see how we can help your organisation.  


Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy has been offering dance for disability programs since 2005.  Each program is personalised to be inclusive for each client.   Our experience enables us to cater to your centres and clients needs and abilities.


Dance classes focus on clients ability and are constructed and modified to include all participants.  We cater to individual needs by assessing each clients cognitive skills and physical mobility and modifying activities and routines as required.  We develop a rapport with clients  and staff and encourages each participants full participation whilst catering to each persons needs.  

Each class duration is 50 to 60 minutes in duration.  Some centres choose the program for 10 weeks and others prefer it to be ongoing.  The choice is yours.  

Jeanette has offered dance for disability programs at various Afford (Australian Foundation for Disabilities)  and Woodville Disability Service for their day programs.  

We have found our dance program to be beneficial for clients physical, mental and social well-being.  Physically, improving strength, balance and muscle co-ordination.  Mentally, we have witnessed many times over,  improved well being and emotions from before to after class.  Staff and managers have advised how a client has had challenging behaviours before class to being settled for the remainder of the day after participating.  Clients and staff love the social aspects of music and having fun with others.  

Groovability promotes a community of love for dance, music and performing arts while enhancing overall well-being.  


If you would like to see how dance program can benefit your centre and clients feel free to

Contact us now to see how we can help your disability service.  

Jeanette facilitates dance class for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.  Jeanette caters to individual needs by assessing clients cognitive skills and physical mobility,  modifying dance routines as required.  Jeanette relates very well to both staff and clients and has built a genuine rapport with those she works with.  

I have found Jeanette to be punctual, reliable and always enthusiastic working with our clients.  I would highly recommend Jeanette as trustworthy and dependable.  Donna R, Program Supervisor, Woodville Community Services.  

I have watched and participated in dance classes at my work with a disability centre where Jeanette teaches our clients and loved it so much I decided to join her studio for my daughter to study dance.  Kathy B, Raby





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