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Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy concert is a very rewarding opportunity that all dance students and parents look forward to.  This is a day when all the kids dance and feel like a star. Children work on their concert dances each week in class, developing their performance and teamwork skills in the process.  They learn the importance of rehearsal, commitment, performance techniques & teamwork. Children and parents are excited to perform at our concert.  Students brim with a smile from ear to ear.  Parents smile with joy at the efforts and achievement of their child.  A tear or two of pride has been shed on many occassion.  


The concert is held in early December.  Our concert is held at Casula Powerhouse.  Stage rehearsal will be held at the venue in the week prior to the concert.   DVDs of the concert as well as fantastic photos are available.  Our dance concert is a fun event and a highlight for the year.  


Contact us now to book your free trial or request a free information pack.


Students at Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy don’t have to purchase expensive costumes that they will only use once, instead we hire out our costumes at affordable prices. 


All students are required to purchase a Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy T-shirt for the concert finale.  Concert costume hire need to be paid in full by Term 3, Week 10.  Class Fees need to be up to date & costume hire paid in order for costumes to be distributed.



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