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Once a year at Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy, St Helens Park offer our dancers the opportunity to participate in Ballet Australasia dance exams. Examiners from Ballet Australasia assess students, not Miss Jeanette. These exams go through all the dance techniques learnt in the childrens dance class over the year. This is an exciting event for the students who love the feeling of accomplishment when successfully completing their grade.


Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy won 3rd place in BAL (Ballet Australasia) Hip Hop exams across the whole of Australian city dance studios.  


Exams are beneficial for children for many reasons.  Most importantly – sitting children for exams gives them a chance to shine. It gives them a chance to reach a goal and feel the immense pride and pleasure that comes from doing that. Seeing the smiles on their faces at the completion of their exams really pushed this point home to me. Exams are all about the kids! I never truly realized how much self esteem and joy they get from such milestones. This outside acknowledgement (from someone other than their regular teacher, friends or parents) means the world to them! Giving them the opportunity to test themselves, reach their potential and revel in their achievements! This is the magic of the exam process. 


Exams offer students recognition of the skills attained over the year. Exams give dancers qualifications that are well recognised and highly regarded whether or not they choose a career in the performing arts.  It shows comittment, which is highly valued when seeking any employment and may give them advantage in the workforce. 

Secondly, the exam offers you, as a parent independent assessment of your child’s dance skills.  These exams may assist in your childs’ selection to high school.  Exams teach the children life skills - hard work and preparation helps to achieve successful results.  An exam offers children a sense of progression and improvement.  For this reason - I encourage you all to consider trying EXAMS. They are FUN - INFORMATIVE - ENCOURAGING and most of all INCREDIBLY PRODUCTIVE!!  


Exams are not compulsory and are an option for the dancer.  Whether or not your would like to participate in exams we have a class for you.    


Contact us now to request your free information pack.

Ballet Australasia Exams
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