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Tap Dance Class



Tap dance focuses on creating rhythms and sounds with the feet. Dancers wear special shoes with metal taps that produce distinct sounds when struck against the floor.  Tap is both fun and challenging, gaining skills in co-ordination, musicality and rhythm. 

Classes focus on accuracy of footwork and timing.​  Tap is making music with your feet and a great workout, paticularly for your legs.  

Tap dance has evolved into a lively and entertaining art form. If your child enjoys making music with their feet and loves to perform, tap might be their calling.

Our Tap dance classes  in Campbelltown, NSW follows the syllabus of BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited). The Syllabus offers a sound tap technique building from the basics of shuffles and triples, to riffs, wings, pick-ups, turns, and syncopation, incorporating slow, medium and fast speeds and varied styles. 

All tap students are encouraged to attend two tap classes per week. Their tap grade class plus technique, particularly those who would like to participate in exams.


Click here to book your obligation free introductory class and to receive your information pack.  

There are a few ways to book your tap class

Contact us  and we will email you your information pack and timetable or 

Phone:  0418472652


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