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Tiny Tots Dance Class
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Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy Move it Groovers pre school program uses a proven system so that your little one increases confidence and are able to express their creativity in a safe environment with our experienced teachers.  Our  tiny tots program gives children a well rounded start to their physical, social, educational development and school readiness.  


Our studio boasts the best tiny tots dance classes in the Campbelltown, NSW area. These classes are designed for pre-school age children from 2 years old.    Our tiny tots are favourites at performaces and our yearly concert and are our pride and joy.  Watch the joy on your childs face as they are delighted by the activities in this class.  

Move it Groovers Pre School class helps childrens congnitive and physical development.  We provide them with skills to give them a headstart at school and become ready to start school.  School readiness is enhanced by:

  • improve social skills

  • develop independance

  • boost self esteem

  • improved physical development

  • improved co-ordination

  • developing numeracy skills

  • improves school readiness


Move it Groovers class practices:

taking turns, sharing, lining up.  All necessary at school.  We also help with routine and muscle development, helping children to sit still and focus, when they start school.  

Parents are invited to stay in the classroom with the child in this class. Children are able to dance independentally and can wave at mum/ dad/ nan or pop while participating.  This enables each child to feel secure while starting to develop their independance.  The activities in this class often end with parents clapping with delight at the joy of watching their child's progress.  Watch a cute video here

Tiny tots are offered the following dance genres all in the one class:




Hip Hop

Our classes are lots of fun and enhance a range of skills.  We use age appropriate music, movement and costumes that engage the childrens minds and bodies.  Students work as a group to form lines and circles.  Imagination is hightened, imagining characters, places and emotion.  We practice different emotions through the use of animated faces.

The children develop balance, posture and co-ordination.    Students count, sing and use various props.   Our classes introduce fundamentals of dance, incorporating basic foot positions, arm placement movement and dance terminology.  

Students enhance their memory by learning and recalling actions, steps, song lyrics and dance positions.  Students are asked questions to encourage them to retain information and improve their memory.  

For most children this class is their first taste at a classroom setting.  This class helps with their transition to school as they learn to take turns, line up and work within a group.  

Come and see what all the excitement is about.  Contact us now to book your free trial class or request a free information pack.

There are a few ways to book your Move it Groovers Preschool class

Contact us  and we will email you your information pack and timetable or 

Phone:  0418472652


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