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I was looking for a dance academy that would let my little girl be exactly that. I was shocked to see the costumes of other dance groups and their inappropriate moves. After looking at your Facebook page and seeing the costumes I spoke to another mum that attended and was pleased to hear you shared the same views as myself.  Payton loves coming to dance! She picked flowers on the way this week for Miss Jeanette.  -Meagan G, St Helens Park

Anna absolutely loved her time on stage and asked if she could dance again when she came off. Thank you for letting little girls be little girls - dressing nicely and covered, make up being optional for the little ones and you are so warm and friendly towards the girls and mums. We drive half an hour to come to dancing and I will keep doing so because it is such a nice dance school.

-Kal, Harrington Park


A patient, fun, kind, funny & caring dance teacher who enjoys and clearly loves teaching the art of dance to her students. We have attended this school for a year now and wouldn't go anywhere else. Also, a beautiful group of mothers who are so easy to talk too, get along with and are so welcoming. Connie P, St Helens Park

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Thank you for running such a caring and encouraging dance school. 

I was very apprehensive of my daughter joining as I know she is not a natural dancer.   

But she has been made to feel welcomed and even valued, that in its self is huge especially for young girls. So thank you once again.

Marselle, Blairmount

After my daughter danced with a school that she attended since she was 3, I found Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy to be a school who welcomes dancers who come in all shapes, ages and sizes. The school as a whole is genuine and wholesome. The costumes and routines are age appropriate. The comradery and support  between the students is encouraging and uplifting. My daughter is always eager to attend class and after a gruelling 4 lesson session, exhausted and sweaty, she comes out beaming and always expresses her delight in her classes.   We have stayed for the reasons stated above. But in addition Jeanette Briggs is a fabulous teacher and mentor for all her students. She is fair, encouraging and supportive to all her students.  -Katrina P, Rosemeadow

My daughter Leah has been a student at the Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy for the last two years.  In those two years we have found this dance school to be a great environment to dance at.  The dance school is run efficiently which makes it easy to dance there.  Information is communicated, it is a friendly atmosphere and the students achieve great results because of this.  

Jeanette herself is at all times both professional and caring.  She really cares about all her students and wants each of them to reach their full dance potentional.  Every student at Jeanette’s learns to dance with correct technique and confident performance skills.  Jeanette is always willing to help in whatever way to further her pupil’s dance careers- be it with references, extra performances etc. She very much encourages the love of dance in her students which is exactly what you need in a dance teacher.

As my daughter is an older student we have so appreciated the above qualities which we have not experienced  in any other dance school.  Leah’s technique and performance skills have increased greatly and are proven by her BAL results thanks to Jeanette’s teaching skills.

We consider Jeanette Briggs to be a great dance teacher/person and her dance school is be a place you want to dance at.

- Marion M, Campbelltown 


The absolute best dance school in Campbelltown! All dance classes are professional and age appropriate, in a very friendly and community based environment. Highly recommend this school for beginners through to professional dancers wanting to pursue a career in dance. Katrina P - Glen Alpine

Jeanette has the patience of a saint.  I find this quality so helpful to my daughter and the other students in her class.  Kerry R, Ambarvale

We started at Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy as it was a local dance class, I really wanted to go local, to get to know people in St Helens Park, as we had only moved here recently. It is reasonably priced, relaxed and the uniform is not strict for the younger group and it isn’t compulsory to wear a specific/expensive uniform. Also I really appreciate how you accommodate for younger siblings by letting them use some of the costumes. It keeps them entertained!  And you are friendly and welcoming. - Sarah R, St Helens Park


My son joined Jeanette Briggs dance we found everyone to be very friendly we didn't have a good experience with our last dance group.  Why he had stayed dancing there he enjoys himself.  

- Jennifer R, Bradbury


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My little girl has danced at jbda for the last 3 and a bit years. She absolutely lives and breathes dancing and loves all of her classes and most importantly loves miss jeanette. As a mum with no dance background I love the casual friendly environment of jbda, the high standard of teaching and the approachability of Jeanette. I would and often do highly recommend this dance school. Karen E, Bradbury

I joined as I rang a few dance studios as my daughters wanted to dance and they no one called me back and I was chatting to a person and she told me about your dance studio and I called and got a welcoming response and invited down to giving it ago and the girls loved it and have been there ever since.  I have stayed because I like the smaller classes and the age appropriate dances, Friendly mums and kids that make it fun and welcoming! Also my girls LOVE their dance studio - Karen P, Eaglevale


We are at Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy cause we love you. Love the feel of the school and the help everyone out culture that the school has. Love that you are firm but fair and very realistic.  

- Sandra G, Ambarvale

Danielle loves dancing and due to go to a different high school than one of  her best friends.  Danielle joined Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy to continue their friendship next year and beyond. Danielle enjoys the classes and the less pressure than that of her previous dance studio. - Sue S, Campbelltown East.  


While in primary school a friend of Laura’s was attending and asked her to join.  Laura loves dance and it continues to be a good source of exercise and socialisation. Doing dance has built Laura’s confidence. - Amanda S, St Helens Park


We have stayed with you because you are easy going, supportive,   understanding and Kiara absolutely loves dancing with you.   

- David M, Blairmount

I wanted my grandaughter to learn dancing.  She enjoys dancing & she is learning and improving every lesson. - Erica V, Rosemeadow


We found an ad in yellow pages and called and came  in for trial  visit.  Stayed for a few reasons. Great  kind teacher. Very low key-not highly stressed  like  my original idea  of a dance school. Darc loves  it!! Nice group of mums. Good teamwork between big girls and little  girls. Great end of year concert.  Karen E, Bradbury


If you are looking for a dance school for the most conscientious student or a nice friendly place for a little princess to just dance for fun , then this is the place. Our Principal, Jeanette, offers professional, quality and nurturing tuition that guides the children though their lessons and they all love her. The kids don't just learn dance, they learn confidence and team work that gives them a sense of belonging. We are very thankful that we found such a wonderful dance school. Terri A - East Campbelltown 

I joined because i wanted to keep up my technique while having fun in a great environment.  I stayed because it has everything to offer, the fees fit in with my budget and its so friendly and both my teachers are awesome.  - Kirsty P, St Helens Park

We joined because we weren't happy with the pressure and the bitchiness of parents at Anna's last school.  We have stayed because for many reasons - Anna has enjoyed your way of teaching, we feel all the students are encouraged to achieve the best they can in a supportive, not bullied way. The support amongst the students and the parents is great - we feel like family. we have been there for 10 years, and if able will be involved for another 10.

- Pat K, Bradbury


Jeanette Briggs has been my dancing teacher for the past 3 years. Jeanette is an encouraging teacher and always pushes her students to try their best. Therefore she has gained the respect off of every one of her students.

In this time I have been taught new techniques and also encouraged to maintain and perfect old ones. I have also been taught to eliminate all bad habits and techniques.

Myself along with many other students consistently receive outstanding exam results, which could not have been achieved without the guidance of Jeanette. We have been taught every area of the syllabus to near perfection allowing us to feel comfortable in the examination studio.

We are encouraged to practice at home. For concerts, we are given our costumes, which are neatly folded and labelled in bags in advance. Our costumes are never inappropriate to the age of the dancer and at the same time they are in keeping with the theme and or song.

Not only is Jeanette a great dancing teacher but she is also a remarkable business woman. Her prices will never see a family broke and her class times are suited to the style and age of the dancer. Jeanette always runs on time with every class also, Jeanette is also a great friend and asset. I am sent regularly possible new jobs information or opportunities to make money with my dancing qualifications which she has helped me achieve.  - Leah M, Campbelltown


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Kaylee joined JBDA because it was close to her school and where we live.  Kaylee has stayed for the past couple of years as she has made some great friends, loves her dance groups and has a great teacher who is very patient with me when I'm not sure what is going on.  - Karinda M, St Helens Park


We had recently moved to the area and started dancing elsewhere. I was not happy with the way my kids were getting taught and had spoken to a friend who recommend you. We have stayed because your a fantastic teacher.  Kylie G, Appin


Thanks Jeanette for a great concert. You are the best dance teacher, you have the most beautiful students. You must be so proud. It takes a nice person to do so well, you always have time for everyone. Me and Chloe say thank you....K Mitchell, Bradbury.

After 12 months of ballet my daughter is already a little more graceful and co-ordinated.  Sarah Z. Campbelltown

The reason Hannah started at Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy is she received a recommendation from a student and she was interested in trying Jazz dancing again after having a break from dancing after leaving her previous dance school.   Leanne R, Glen Alpine


We joined Jeanette Briggs academy because we were referred to her by a friend, The friend highly recommend the academy. We have stayed on because Jeanette is a lovely person and awesome dance teacher and her dance classes are fantastic and my daughter loves going and has learnt so much, as have I, I love the adult tap class, it is so much fun.

- Jodie L, St Helens Park

We stay because Jeanette and the other participants after 6 years are now a valuable part of our lives.  Also good, wholesome tuition is the norm.  Terri A, Leumeah

We love Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy due to the beautiful, friendly atmosphere and quality teaching and support. Kerry S, Campbelltown East

Friendly environment, fabulous teacher. Prudence C, Eaglevale

I have watched and participated in dance classes at my work with a disability centre where Jeanette teaches our clients and loved the idea of Jeanette teaching my daughter.  Kathy B, Raby

I want the best for my children so I went to the best dance studio. Grant F, Bradbury

My girls love coming and doing the classes.  It feels like family and very homely.  Thank you for making us love dance more.  Tracey T, Bradbury 

We have found Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy welcoming with great teaching especially the younger students and they are local. Vicky C, St Helens Park

I saw Jeanette when she was teaching Move it Groovers Pre School program at my work and she was great with the kids so I wanted to send my girls to her dance school.  Cheree M, St Helens Park

Amazing teacher, friendly atmosphere and such a wonderful experience. My daughter loves it. - Sarah E, Campbelltown

Great teachers, no pressure on kids. -Sue S, East Campbelltown

I feel Claire needs a program that will boost her confidence and work well in a team environment.  Samantha H, Bradbury

Easy going and friendly environment.  Age appropriate choreography and supportive friendships have been made.  My daughter adored Miss Jeanette and we would not want to go anywhere else.  Plus I really like the adult tap class.  Lisa M, St Helens Park

My daughter loves her classes and the enviroment is lovely and caring.  Alita M, Blair Athol

We love dancing and you. Sandra G, Ambarvale

We joined for fun and fitness. Annette N, Campbelltown

We joined to build social confidence.  My daughters love to dance. Belinda N, Leumeah

Very responsive with information and has a friendly nature.  Erina P, St Helens Park

We stay at this dance school because of the age appropriate costumes and music and its close to home. Rebecca R, St Helens Park

My daughter loved her free trial class so we decided to join.  Joanne R, Menangle

We have danced here for a number of years.  We joined due to community recomendation. Kylie R, Ruse


We moved to this dance school as the classes are more focussed. Lisa M, St Helens Park

My daughter enjoys dancing and I like the way the dance school is run.  Sue S, East Campbelltown

My daughter loves her dance lessons here. Amanda R, Ambarvale

I like that the staff are very nice and friendly and there is a variety of dance classes offered. Sarah R, St Helens Park

I feel comforable at this dance academy.  Brooke T, St Andrews

My daughter loved Move it Groovers Pre School Dance Program so I decided to join her in weekly dance classes,  Deborah W, Leumeah

We love the friendships formed with other students and also the patient and caring approach to teaching. Jennifer O, Rosemeadow

We love Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy because its the best dance academy in South West Sydney Katrina P, Rosemeadow

The people are great. Vanessa O, Bradbury

We have found this studio friendly and welcoming and supported me when I joined half way through the year. Liana M, Rosemeadow

We moved to a new studio and discovered we love enjoyed our time at this studio so returned.  Cathie I, Bradbury

We love the dance teacher.  B.Searle, Rosemeadow

You are close to home and my son likes his class.  Veronica B, Ambarvale. 

Jeanette is very welcoming and friendly over the phone and explained hip hop would suit my son and loved his lessons from the 1st one.  Roberta S, Eaglevale

We stay at Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy because there are great people and I like the exercise. Terri A,  Leumeah

We love the dance classes. Margarita B, St Helens Park


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