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Classical Ballet

Children Ballet Class


Classical Ballet is the foundation for almost all styles of dance. Regardless of the style of dance you would like to study, ballet is recommended.  It helps their overall dance education to aid them to become better dancers.  


The Art of Elegance Originating in the 15th century Italian Renaissance courts, ballet is known for its graceful and precise movements. It has a vocabulary of steps, poses and movements that develop strength, control, technique, flexibility and correct body alignment as well as core stability, balance and poise.


Ballet traditionally is performed to classical music and instills the beauty of storytelling through movement.  Modern ballet classes don’t just include classical music, they often have music that is more contemporary for the enjoyment of your child and to suit their age.  

Ballet focuses on posture, musicality, discipline and presentation.  Training in ballet also provides a strong technical base for dance styles such as contemporary, jazz and tap​.

Ballet includes barre work, centre work and steps. Ballet demands grace and precision and creates expression through movement.  

Our Ballet dance classes in Campbelltown, NSW follow the syllabus of BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited). The Junior Syllabus was devised by BAL examiners to meet the needs of young ballet dancers by teaching the basic and traditional technique of classical ballet in carefully graded and interesting exercises.  

All ballet students are encouraged to attend 2 ballet classes per week. Their grade ballet class plus a technique class, particularly those who would like to participate in exams.  We have classes to suit children from 2 years of age.  

Contact us now to book your free introduction to ballet.  

There are a few ways to book your ballet class

Contact us  and we will email you your information pack and timetable or 

Phone:  0418472652


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