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Its Concert Week

Blog post name: Its Concert Week

Hello JBDA families and friends,

2015 is coming to a close. It has been a wonderful year for us. Concert time is just around the corner! How exciting. Everyone has worked so hard this year and it has been my pleasure to have been with you through 2015.

Many of you already know that this year for Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy’s 11th annual concert our theme is ANNIE!

A little comic strip that went to Broadway before it was adapted into a Hollywood film in 1982, it has been a staple of many childhoods and we are proud to be giving our rendition of it this year. The concert is on Saturday the 5th of December. There are limited seats remaining.

Now we all know what concert time means. It means leaving the house three times and forgetting something new each time, it means a flurry of lipstick and hairspray and mismatched shoes (oh my!)

So I thought I would streamline the process a little bit and in this blog post I will be setting out a checklist in three parts to help you get prepared for the big day.


  • Hairspray

  • Bobby pins

  • Spare bobby pins (They will always be needed!)

  • Hair ties

  • Brush

  • Hair pieces


  • Foundation

  • Lipstick (red)

  • Blush

  • Eyeshadow

  • Eyeliner

  • Liquid eyeliner (black)


  • Tap Shoes

  • Jazz shoes

  • Joggers

  • Ballet Shoes


  • Spare pink stockings (in case of the dreaded ladder!)

  • Spare Tan Stockings (in case of the dreaded ladder!)

  • Water

  • Panadol (for parents, concert day can be stressful)

  • Your tickets

  • Money for the café and raffle

  • Program

And remember to bring your costumes and your JBDA T shirt and black tights!

I hope that this little checklist helps you to prepare for concert day, especially the older girls who are learning to prepare for the concerts by themselves.

I hope that everyone has a lovely day,


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