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5 Reasons Pre School Children Love Dance Class

Dance class is a wonderful activity for preschool age children. It provides them with an opportunity to express themselves, develop physical skills, and have fun. Here are five reasons why preschool age children love dance class:

  1. Movement and Expression: Dance classes provide an outlet for preschool age children to express themselves through movement. This can be especially important for children who may not have the words to express their emotions yet.

  2. Physical Development: Dance classes help to develop coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. These are important physical skills that will help children in their daily lives.

  3. Socialization: Dance class is a fun and interactive activity where preschool age children can learn to work together, make new friends, and develop social skills.

  4. Imagination and Creativity: Dance classes encourage children to use their imaginations and be creative. Children can learn to create their own movements and express themselves in new ways.

  5. Fun and Enjoyment: Perhaps the biggest reason why preschool age children love dance class is because it's just plain fun! Children love to move and groove to the music, and dance class provides a fun and active outlet for their energy.

In conclusion, dance classes provide preschool age children with a wonderful opportunity to express themselves, develop physically and socially, use their imaginations, and have fun. If you are considering enrolling your preschool age child in dance class, rest assured that they will love it!

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy located in St Helens Park and Ambarvale in Campbelltown, South-Western Sydney offers a nurturing and encouraging environment for children to develop their skills to thrive throughout their school life and beyond.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy enriches children's lives through dance, drama, performing arts, creativity, imagination and community. We offer an unforgettable experience for you and your children. Our classes are perfect for boys and girls from 2.5 years old.

Our Move it Groovers Pre School Dance Program is full of imagination. Developing childrens school readiness and social skills and is loads of fun! Improving childrens social skills, coordination, gross and fine motor skills and having FUN! Enriching them with creativity and imagination. It is the perfect activity to improve your child's social, emotional and physical skills.

We delight in watching children increase in confidence and independence to thrive at school and beyond. In fact we have had so many parents of shy children join us just for that reason and we love to hear the stories from their families on how the benefits of dance have helped them when they start school.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy offers a free introductory week so you can bring your child and experience the supportive, caring and patient staff and see the enrichment it provides your child while they learn, meet friends and have fun. Contact us to find the perfect class for your child.


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