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5 Reasons Dance gives your Child a Head Start at School

Dance Class gives children a head start when they start school. For most children its the first activity or class setting they have been in. Studies have shown that children who attend dance class do better at school. Why?

Children learn to socialise with others, take turns, line up, gain some independence and get used to the routine of a class. They have better memory and are able to focus. As well, it is great for their gross and fine motor skills and mental well being.

1. Students who attend dance class before they start school have an advantage. In dance class they have learnt to socialise. They learn to share and work with other children. They learn that they can't always choose the colour of their prop or what activity comes next. They have learnt to work in team.

2. During dance class children need to line up for some activities. When they start class, they are unsure of what to do and don't realise they need to wait behind someone else and wait for their turn. There used to having the full attention of their parents, even when they have siblings. Practice over time enables them to wait for their turn and follow the leader. At first some children want to be first every time and some children stand back and don't go to the front of the line for their turn. Your dance teachers will help them to improve this skill. Before they get to school they will be familiar with lining up and taking their turn.

3. Toddlers are very used to having their parents cater to them and are very dependant (naturally) on them. Students who attend dance class start to gain independence over time. It's very normal for children on their first few weeks to be clingy to mum or dad. It's not uncommon to cry and not join in. Children of this age aren't used to being in a class setting and meeting new children. They take a number of weeks to take in their new surrounds and their new friends. Over time children feel more comfortable and begin to join into class. This develops over time and eventually they gain some independence and join in class on their own. By the time these children go to school they feel comfortable to be able to do some things on their own and go off to school more confident.

Over the years we had so many shy children who have become more independent, more confident, more outgoing, trying new things, making new friends. So many parents have told us how grateful they are that their child started dance and they can't believe how far they have come and how much they do independently. They try new things that parents didn't think they would of without the skills they have learnt through dance class. I am always happy to hear about how a student made their first speech in front of the class or school or how they went in the swimming carnival when swimming wasn't one of their strengths and their parents were unsure if they would.

4. The routine of a dance class and a school class is very different to the routine at home. Students in dance class can settle into school class and expect a routine and get the most out of their education, right from the beginning of them starting school.

5. Studies have shown that children who attend dance class are more focussed, have better memories and are able to retain information better. We all want our children to be the best and get the most from their schooling. In general, children attending dance class perform better at school.

Kids who dance have learnt the fundamentals of a class room setting, teamwork, waiting their turn, lining up and sharing. They have may have been exposed to subject areas that they may not have otherwise been exposed to, different animals, other countries, different era's and topics that may not of been discovered at home. Dance students may of had performance experience. This can help them in class presentations. Dance class is great for both the physical and mental well being of children and can reduce anxiety. Dance ignites imagination, practices counting and co-ordination, balance and body movement. As well, dance class is fun, giving children a chance to feel good and get their heart pumping.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy is a welcoming start to your child's education. Kids Dance Classes are their specialty. Located at St Helens Park and Ambarvale in South West Sydney, Australia. Our patient and dedicated, positive and encouraging faculty are devoted to bringing out the best in all students, creating confident kids. Children are having so much fun in class, they don't realise they are learning so many new skills that will benefit them throughout their childhood and into their adult life.

If you would like to give your child a head start to their schooling. Book a 7-Day unlimited class pass at We will send you a list of the classes that suit your child and information on our classes. You can come to any number of the classes that suit you. We have found this is the best way for children to find the classes that you like best for you and your child. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Happy Dancing and High Kicks,


Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy

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