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Concert Checklist

What an exciting and busy time of the year. Students can’t wait to show their families and friends the skills they have been learning for the last few months.

The benefits of being involved in such a production are many. Students

* Develop self confidence by being on stage in front of an audience.

* Develop self esteem as they realise that their skills are valued by family and friends.

* Improve their dancing skill level due to having such an important purpose for their learning.

* Learn the value of co-operation and teamwork as they experience the different aspects of the production.

* Develop patience and respect for others.

* Develop independence and improved organisational skills as they encounter backstage life.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Pre School Dance

On the Day:

Arrive in your studio uniform. No nailpolish or jewellery is to be worn. Have something to eat before you arrive. Concert can be a long day/night and you don’t want your performer to be thinking about food instead of their routine.

Leave plenty of time to get to the venue as children will perform their best when they are not stressed. Arrive with performers’ hair and make-up done. Ensure you are wearing a shirt that will go over your head when taking it off so your hair does not get messed up. Be ready to go at the start of the concert. Ensure you have enough time to stretch and warm up.

There is no eating while you are in costume. Costumes can be very expensive and you won’t want to pay to have them repaired or replaced if there is a stain on them.

While the concert is on, ensure audience members do not to walk across in front of the stage. It is distracting performers, and in view of the audience and professional video camera. When watching back the concert DVD we want to watch our children, not your head. If you need to move around the auditorium ensure it is at the end of an item and not while someone is on stage.

Children cannot be left at the venue to look after themselves. We take no responsibility for children left alone. Venues can have exhibitions that can be expensive, if your child damages an item, the venue will bill you for the cost.

Concert hair and makeup

First time dance mums' often feel apprehensive at doing their childs' hair and makeup for the first time. There is no need to feel this way. Dress Rehearsals give you a practice and help you to see how other children have done theirs. Speak to other parents or your teacher about any concerns you may have. They have been there before and will be happy to give you advice. Stage makeup is heavy in order to see faces under the stage lighting.

For hair, ensure you use lots of hairspray and gel so there are no whispy pieces of hair hanging out. If you have a fringe ensure it is bobby pinned back. Please check your head pieces or hat will go on with your hair positioned where it is (hairstyle may need to be adjusted to fit your headpiece or hat.) Ensure your headpieces/hats are bobby pinned on to ensure they don't fall off while performing.

The video below shows an example of how to do stage makeup for children. You don’t need to use this brand of makeup but the colours they use are good.

What to bring on Concert Day and Dress Rehearsal/Photo Day?

Costumes and all accessories and headpieces

Shoes (freshly cleaned or painted). Ask me if your not sure how to do this. Paint is available from mister minute. Ballet pink for ballets and camel for tap and jazz shoes

Concert Tickets

Concert T Shirt & uniform shorts for presentation/finale

Undergarments – skin coloured undies and skin coloured dance bra (with clear elastic straps)

Costume accessories and props

Stockings and spares

Touch up makeup

Hair Brush/comb


Bobby pins

Safety pins (for quick costume repairs or to pin down bras)

Needle and thread (for last minute costume repairs)

Water to drink

Something to cover your costume (jacket or dressing gown) (*Concert day only)

Zip lock bag and spares zip lock bags to return your costumes incase you lose yours. You will need these to return your costumes after the concert

Small children may require something quiet to entertain them while they are waiting. (Colouring in book and pencils) (*Concert day only)

Collapsible basket or washing basket (to put all your costumes in during the concert for quick changes). You can hang your costumes up or bag them when the concert is finished.

Your concert tickets (*Concert day only)

Enjoy concert day. For many it may be the first time they have performed in a professional venue. Nothing compares to the feeling of pride when you see your child shine onstage. For students they will remember the experience for life. Tell them how wonderfully they performed. If they happened to make a mistake, don’t mention it. Let them blossom with confidence at how proud you are of them. They will watch the DVD after the concert and critique their performance themselves.

Don’t forget to purchase a DVD copy of your dance concert. It provides a momento that you can keep forever celebrating your childs performance. It is invaluable entertainment for years to come for them and you to view well after they have grown up. It is an essential educational tool that compliments your child’s dance training by seeing what the audience sees. Students can watch their performance and critique it themselves to see areas to improve.

Chookas for your concert. If you are like me you may need to pack tissues, when you are overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction at watching your child excel.

Jeanette Briggs Dance Academy offers a variety of dance classes, musical theatre, cheerleading and drama for children from 2.5 years old in St Helens Park and Ambarvale, south-west Sydney. We offer a 7-Day Unlimited class pass for new students so that they can try all the classes that suit their age and they can decide which ones are best for them. For more information phone: 0418 472 652 or visit

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